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Listening to one hour of freestyle radio, versus setting a music app on auto shuffle.

Listening to an interviewer who has done her homework, and asks questions informed by that research, versus someone who relies on canned questions written by a publicist.

Taking a walking tour with a knowledgeable guide who riffs for 90 minutes, and welcomes frequent questions, versus a person who consults background materials or relies on corny soundbites.

Being ticketed for speeding by a courteous police officer, versus receiving a ticket in the mail because of a traffic camera. (The officer can respond humanely to a friendly admission of guilt.)

Discovering a shortcut in traffic by taking a spontaneous turn and exploring, rather than relying on GPS and a driving app.

Washing dishes by hand.

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Back when I was living near Washington DC, Metro had, by design, de-automated station stop announcements. It reminded you that a human being is operating the train you are on.

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